Our rates are extremely competitive considering the high quality work we provide. Trust us, we’re worth it! card-payments

Hourly Rates
(per person)

Mon - Fri
7am - 7pm

Mon - Fri
7pm - 12am

7am - 7pm

7am - 7pm

HANDYMAN SERVICES£55.00*£65.00*£65.00*£65.00*
WASTE & GOODS TRANSPORTATION£60.00£70.00£80.00£80.00

* An extra fee of £10.00 per hour will be applied for services that requires a car

Our rates: All jobs have a minimum charge of two hours  with 30 minutes increments after that, if not fixed price been given. Cost of materials will be added to the price.

Fixed prices can be given on request before commencement of work.

The invoice will be sent by email and includes a detailed description of all work carried out and a breakdown of material and labour costs.

Payment must be made in full by credit card, cheque or cash after completion of the service.

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